Thursday, 7 April 2016

CLC Silim 2, Kalabakan. April 3-6, 2016

Morning assembly for the juniors
A kindy child leads the morning prayer
So much fun when we do our school "yell"
Donations of healthy food from Rotary club


Donation of toothbrushes from KL

Books donated by Pn Eliza of Zara hotel. KK

Most improved student in her class
Class three does leaf rubbing for their student
profile covers

Student profile files for a record of

Regular class work.

Mathematics class for the third graders

Students think about "needs" and "wants" in their
lives.  An Aflatoun program

And this is what they think are their "needs"
Class three
Just a drop of rain means we can try out our new rain
coats.  A helping hand is always welcome

It is no joke getting into a rain coat :)

And we are off home after a busy day at school 

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