Sunday, 6 December 2015

Matakana Learning Centre, Beaufort, November, 2015

Books and pencils from St Francis Convent , Kota Kinabalu

Listening to Lee-Ann from New Zealand

Receiving a pen pal letter from Etania school CLC Silim, Kalabakan

Kiwi - Lee-Ann helping with reading

Arus Sawit Learning Centre, Beluran. Dec 2015

Morning Assembly on the estate

Please teacher I want to see my Photo!

Thanks Mrs Michiko from Japan for the books

Pn Timah having fun learning with the little ones

Class One writing poems

Class 4 and 5 learn about the "zero rubbish" project

Showing off their wonderful singing and dancing skills

Handicraft activities

Teachers getting to school :).  Volunteers from West Malaysia

CLC Arus Sawit 2, Beluran. December 2015

Thanks for the donation of exercise books and pencils St Francis school KK

Handicraft activities 

CLC Etania, Keningau. Nov-Dec 2015

Help us please.  We need donations to build the walls of our classroom

Class one in the outdoors

Donations of pencils and books from St Francis Convent, Kota Kinabalu

CLC Perdana, Telupid Nov-Dec 2015

Puan Faridah from KL helping the children

Winners of the poetry recitation competition

Pn Yati teaches about the "zero rubbish" project

Pn Timah has games with the little ones

CLC Silim 2, Kalabakan. November-December 2015

Learning the mysteries of the laptop

Class one and their teacher

Mathematics class

Donations of pencils and books from  St Francis Convent, Kota Kinabalu

Donation of  exercise books from Mrs Michiko in Japan

"Zero rubbish" project.  Recycling for art

Writing letters to penpals in other Etania schools