Friday, 25 March 2016

UNICEF Child Rights Training, 22-23 February 2016 in Kota Kinabalu

Etania schools participated in this training.
Bapak Anton and Ibu Siti from MLC, Beaufort presenting their
group work at the training

Etania schools representatives at the training with the guest

CLC Etania, Keningau. After the Aflatoun training. March 2016

Everyone is participating in Aflatoun training and the students
here have been learning about financial literacy.

CLC Etania teachers teaching the students what they learnt
at their training program

Matakana Learning Centre, Beaufort, March 2016

Sports activities in the town field

Visitors to the learning centre happily pose with the children

Bidding farewell to two Indonesian university students who
spent a month in our school.

Bapak Suhailee from Arus Sawit Learning Centre
 drops in to visit MLC 

After Aflatoun training teachers and students were busy
practicing all sorts of skills

The Coupe family visit CLC Silim 2, Kalabakan and CLC Etania, Keningau

Pak Aaron donates a football to the school

And a special pencil for each student

Fun with the kids at recess time

Pak Zainal donated a congkak set for some strategic thinking

The Coupe's came with lots of jigsaw puzzles for the children

Ibu Cecelia helps the kindy children with their puzzle

English lesson with books donated by Ibu Ruth from NZ

Let's sing 'hands, shoulders, knees and toes

Sewing classes for all the students 

On the way home from Kalabakan the Coupe's dropped in to
CLC Etania, Keningau

Ibu Flora and her students at CLC Etania, Keningau

Coalition schools Aflatoun training February 28-29, 2016

Etania schools are part of the Coalition of schools Sabah that provides
teacher training programs for teachers of marginalised children
Mr Brian Lairche, trainer for the Aflatoun program

Ibu Flora (in blue) from CLC Etania, Keningau participating in
her group activity.

Ibu Sheila from Matakana Learning Centre presents her group work.

Participants in the Coalition Schools training program
February, 2016

Bapak Anton trying out his teaching skills with the
students of Al Hikmah.

After the training we moved into a school to practice what we had learnt.
Sekolah Al Hikmah, Likas Kota Kinabalu was our training ground.

Ibu Hariani from CLC Etania, Keningau works with Ibu Siti
Faridah from Matakana Learning Centre

Thursday, 24 March 2016

ProVisi Education and Room to Read book donations January 2016

Books donated from Indonesia from ProVisi Education and Room to Read

The children in CLC Etania, Keningau are so excited to get these wonderful stories

Matakana Learning Centre, Beaufort thrilled to share stories with each other

CLC Silim 2, Kalabakan.  The joy of reading

Thank you ProVisi and Room to Read for our new storybooks