Wednesday, 30 September 2015

CLC Arus Sawit 1. Sept 2015

Arus Sawit 1 wave goodbye to Arus Sawit 2 after a visit on Day One

CLC Perdana, Telupid. Etania's 4th school. Launched June 1st 2015

Parents on the first day

Playing "What's the time Mr Wolf?"

Teachers from Arus Sawit and Beaufort Etania schools visit CLC Perdana
July 2015

Assembly time

Ibu Sheila from CLC Matakana helping out in class

Ibu Siti from Matakana, Beaufort playing games with the children at Perdana

Bapak Anton from Matakana with Perdana children

Ibu Lusia and Bapak Matias from Arus Sawit teaching Perdana children

Group work

Bapak Ahmad and Ibu Siti

Friends from other Etania schools visit CLC Perdana

Sportes activities

Bapak Surdirman on the first day

Enthusiastic parents and children

The drive in to the school on Perdana oil palm estate

CLC Etania (JAVA) Keningau. September 23rd 2015

Art and Craft: Making my DREAM HOUSE

CLC Silim 2. Launched July 25th, 2015. Etania's 5th school.

The classroom for kelas 2. Beautiful student work.

Teacher training at CLC Silim 2

Morning Assembly on a rainy day. Most children couldn't come due to floods

Ibu Yati's the green fingers beautify our garden

Children learning to sew. Making soft toys

Our mathematics shop

Ibu Ally teaching the early learners

"I love my school"

Ibu Cecelia teaching kelas 1

Learning the VOWEL game.

Such an easy way to learn vowels.

Playing the FOX and CHICKEN game

Introducing reading

The boys sewed this toy rabbit themselves

The girls sewed this teddy bear

This is how we go home from school